Since the Google, Amazon and Starbucks ‘GAS’ explosion occurred in 2011, the focus on tax has never been stronger. Not only the tax regime in Mauritius but also the jurisdiction itself, has come under close scrutiny by the EU, the OECD and other groups. As a consequence, tax legislation and compliance regulations continuingly change impacting taxpayers which, is why it is important to stay on top.

Grant Thornton tax specialists can give you the advice you need to meet your objectives, whether you are a multinational, a privately held business or an individual.

Our tax services are designed and tailored to help you make improved financial and business decisions as well as receive the most effective tax solutions to support your goals. We also work with Grant Thornton member firms to ensure our services are relevant to your tax affairs, wherever you are in the world.

Our tax team has the experience to advise you on matters that impact your business, including managing your overall tax exposure, dealing with the complexities of both the local and international tax systems and negotiating with the local tax authority.

Key Services:

Corporation Tax Compliance -

Whatever the size of your business, managing your corporate tax compliance obligations is becoming increasingly difficult and costly.

Implementation of an efficient compliance process is both cost effective and allows you free time to grow your business. Knowing that your process is professionally handled and proactively managed, gives you an added peace of mind.

Whatever challenges you face, our trusted team can manage every aspect of the compliance process for you, from filing tax computations and returns, advising you on corporation tax payments to representing you before the local tax authority.

Pay as You Earn (PAYE) -

Employers face the growing challenges of adapting to new legislation and ensuring their tax risk management and strategies comply with the rules.

Working with you, we can help identify any employment tax risks in your business to ensure correct calculation of employee benefits as well as timely remittance to the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA).

We can assist you in the following areas:

  1. Meet tax filing requirements
  2. Streamline your payroll reporting processes
  3. Design an expense policy to help meet business objectives cost efficiently while ensuring the policy complies with current tax legislation
  4. Provide assistance with MRA enquiries, assessments and site visits
  5. Provide you with regular updates on any changes

Value Added Tax (VAT) -

Our VAT legislation can often be complex with time-consuming regulations. Businesses now more than ever, need help to ensure they comply with all the rigors of the VAT system.

The challenges you face may seem never ending and that is where our tax specialists with their deep local knowledge can help you understand the issues at an early stage to avoid unexpected liabilities and unnecessary costs.

With an increase in VAT cross-border transactions, more jurisdictions are compelling non-resident businesses to register for local VAT.

We offer a wide range of services to support your business including:

  1. Local VAT advisory services
  2. Completion and submission of VAT returns
  3. Compliance with all legislative requirements
  4. Assistance with queries and negotiations with the MRA
  5. Tax efficient planning for transactions

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