Recovery & Reorganisation

When a company in distress needs restructuring, there is no established process and the parties and roles can be unclear. There is no standard work approach and each restructuring brings different challenges. Unlike new money financings, restructurings are characterised by uncertainty. Even straightforward tasks are difficult to achieve given the number of stakeholders that are generally involved.

The Recovery and Reorganisation team are experienced restructuring and insolvency specialists who focus on identifying and resolving issues affecting profitability, protecting enterprise value and, where necessary recovering value for stakeholders.

We work in the mid-market and focus on enhancing the performance of businesses as well as solving businesses in distress.

Sometimes the right solution will involve an insolvency process, perhaps to protect a company’s business and assets from creditor enforcement action to facilitate a restructuring of the business or a better outcome for all creditors and other stakeholders.

In the event that formal insolvency becomes inevitable we recommend the most appropriate procedure to stakeholders to maximize recoveries. In particular we advise our clients on the most efficient and effective way of dissolving an entity. Where the Mauritian laws provide alternative method of dissolution, we always ensure that the directors are aware of their duties and responsibilities of dissolution under the Mauritius Companies Act 2001 and that of the liquidator under the Insolvency Act 2009.

We have considerable experience in the following:

  • Administration
  • Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA)
  • Receivership (Fixed charge/Court)
  • Liquidation  (Shareholders/Creditors)
  • Court Liquidation
  • Limited Life Winding up

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